Surf, Sand and ‘Cross

pilarcitos cx 5_003, originally uploaded by Coda2.


The finale of the Bay Area SuperPrestige Cyclocross series, held at Coyote Point near San Mateo, was a fitting end to a great series of racing.  A bayside course made for dramatic views as well as dramatic racing and as a spectator I can say this is a wonderful venue with many prime vantage spots.  Since September I’ve been able to photograph six races throughout the region with a catalogue of over 5,500 photos marking the action.  Some of these are good, and some not so good, but I’ve had a great time learning more about the “dirty side” of cycling and hope to see and photograph much more in the coming years.


This past weekend was a busy one with District Champs. in Livermore (pictures here)and BASP #5 (pictures here), combined with a currently busy day job means I’m a little behind in getting all of these images posted.  It takes a while to move 1,600 photos (this weekend’s tally) through the workflow, you know?  However, I should be finished by the weekend of 15-Dec so please be sure to check back for more pictures.


Any teams looking for promotional photos are website pictures, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.  I’m a big fan of promoting the sport of cycling so let me know how I can help, if at all possible.


I hope everyone enjoys the images as much as I’ve had taking them!






~ by coda2 on 11 December, 2007.

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