Pilarcitos #4 @ Golden Gate Park

pilarcitos cx 4_010, originally uploaded by Coda2.


Our first day of racing under cloudy skies in weeks made for a nice change of pace.  Up to now nearly all the ‘cross races I’ve photographed have been under bright, bright blue sky with lots of sun (and lots of contrast, too).  But today, with much of the race covering terrain in the shadows of the great trees in Golden Gate Park, in addition to the thick layer of clouds, the light ended up being very flat and somewhat dim.  To me, the light not being ideal made for an interesting challenge as after over 4,000 photos of ‘cross racing under bright, blue sky so far this season was getting a little old.  Wider apertures, greater effort on pre-focusing, and solid stabilization techniques were all necessary to get a good percentage of usable shots.  I do, also, have nothing but high praise for the Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR lens as it performed like a champ today and would recommend it to anyone.


With the race being in such an “urban” location, the crowds ended up being fantastic which made for a great atmosphere:  one giant ‘cross party in the middle of SF is a good thing, in my opinion.  I still have more shots to put up and should be done by Thursday of this week, but as always, if you are looking for something or someone specific, let me know.  The shots already posted can be found here on flickr.





~ by coda2 on 27 November, 2007.

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